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Below you'll find an abridged CV. You can view a pdf of the full version here.


Fall 2014 - present
State University of New York at Buffalo
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

June - Dec 2015
The Australian National University
Research Associate, School of Philosophy


2014 - Ph.D. in Philosophy, Brown University
Dissertation: What to do: Practical reason and the limits of ability
Committee: James Dreier (principal), David Estlund, Nomy Arpaly,
Julia Driver

2007 - B.A. in Philosophy with Honors, Minor in Mathematics
University of Chicago


Human Ability and the Limits of Morality (under contract with Routledge) (Contact me for the manuscript.)

Art and Philosophy, co-edited with Christy Mag Uidhir (under contract with Oxford University Press)


(Pre-prints are linked below. See abstracts and official versions at Research.)

"The Culpable Inability Problem for Synchronic and Diachronic 'Ought Implies Can'", Journal of Moral Philosophy (forthcoming)

"The Amoralist and the Anaesthetic", Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming) (Contact me for a pre-print.)

"'Ought Implies Can': Not So Pragmatic After All", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming)

"The Virtue of Subtlety and the Vice of a Heavy Hand", The British Journal of Aesthetics, 2017

"Actions That We Ought, But Can't", Ratio, 2014

Teaching [see also Teaching]

- PHI 107, Introduction to Ethics
- PHI 335, Contemporary Ethical Theory
- PHI 345, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
- PHI 579, Special Topics in Ethics: Practical Reason
- PHI 579, Special Topics in Ethics: 'Ought' Implies 'Can'
- PHI 489/579, Special Topics in Ethics: Metaethics