What are the iconic words we carry in our collective consciousness? Those words will complete the artworks, tingeing the story of power with uncertainty and thus offering a metaphor for life: we can’t plan too much, it is rather that we move from moment to moment and respond to what we have to achieve.

Jörg Reckhenrich


"Whispers of Power" is a new collaborative project by Jörg Reckhenrich and Alex King of the Aesthetics for Birds blog.

Reckhenrich works as an artist, professor at business schools, consultant working with companies, and as author. The centre of his work is his studio in Berlin. From there he develops projects and programs that help people in companies and business schools to understand how to think and embody creativity better. Find out more about Jörg at http://www.reckhenrich.com

King is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Buffalo. She runs the philosophy blog Aesthetics for Birds, which aims to bring philosophers working on aesthetics and philosophy of art together with artists and the artworld. Find out more about Alex at http://www.philosopher-king.com