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When Francis turns his face to the audience, and explains the tactic he is using right now, in every single detail. That moment creates reality and makes us part of the story. We are left with the question whether this might be even closer to the actual situation than we think it is?

Jörg Reckhenrich


Alongside a selection of film stills, turned into artworks, the story of power in all dimensions will be told.

Beside the iconic images, I am asking: what are the iconic words we carry in our collective consciousness?

Your words will complete the artworks, tingeing a story of power with uncertainty.

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Is human interaction just a question of planning and plotting – a question Shakespeare was asking five hundred years ago.

We are left with the question whether this might be even closer to the actual situation than we think it is!

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Read how the project unfolds in the current of this years presidential election.

What whispers will lead to power?

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Whispers of Power: The Exhibition

See the original artwork at the gallery "Galerie-Gesellschaft" right in the center of Berlin. The exhibition is running till May 17th. All artwork has been reworked for the exhibition and we welcome you to experience the difference right here.

Adress and opening hours: Auguststraße 83 | 10117 Berlin | Tel.: +49 030 28 87 93 20
Tuesday to Friday from 12 till 18 o'clock and Saturday from 11 to 16 o'clock.

"Whispers of Power" is a new collaborative project by Jörg Reckhenrich and Alex King of the Aesthetics for Birds blog.

Reckhenrich works as an artist, professor at business schools, consultant working with companies, and as author. The centre of his work is his studio in Berlin. From there he develops projects and programs that help people in companies and business schools to understand how to think and embody creativity better. Find out more about Jörg at

King is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Buffalo. She runs the philosophy blog Aesthetics for Birds, which aims to bring philosophers working on aesthetics and philosophy of art together with artists and the artworld. Find out more about Alex at